Intersecting swings in 1.02 (some fun saber counters)

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Intersecting swings in 1.02 (some fun saber counters)

Post by Boothand » 12 Sep 2015, 11:27

When I started NFing, there were times when I went to my own server, and did lots of experiments on saber mechanics. You see, I was hoping to be the very best and catch all the Pokemons - but in practice, doing these things is hard and is likely to get you killed. However, it feels very good when it works as planned. Let's get to it..

Intersecting swings

This is an attack-block technique that can be used against big red swings, which is cool because it eliminates the random chance that you'll get hit when attempting to block. At least so far that has been true.

The idea is that you attack before the opponent's attack lands on you, and aim your saber into theirs. This will result in a clash. Once this clash has occured, you can do a combo attack like you're used to with red style, BUT you can choose which direction you counter in.

Now, the true beauty of this is that the attacker who just got countered with an intersection swing... can do the same. Actually, this thing can go on forever given the right attacks and aim and angles. That is my theory at least. The attack button must already be held before the saber clash. Many different timings can work, from very early to very late.

Note that this is mostly useless against low-blows, and therefore should probably one be done against swings coming over and near your saber.
I've found that the upper right swing is quite easily able to counter the classic right swing, but it also counters the diagonals and the left swing. It also provides the best possibility to cover yourself with your saber for counter attacks (both left and right). Blocking overhead (W-swing) attacks is unsafe and you should be afraid of them, but that's another topic.

Here you can see it, using mostly only upper right (W+D) swings, as recorded by me and my test puppet.

Another, starting off from the upper left swing, going to upper right:

Another example, transitioning to all the different directions:

You can think of it like this (referring to the videos):
  1. Swing-block (swing your attack into their swing, and keep holding attack. Upper right is good for this.)
  2. Clash (during the impact, you choose the next direction to attack in. That means that even though you're swinging into it with WD (upper right), you should press the new direction you want to attack in BEFORE the clash occurs)
  3. Coverage (if your opponent counters this, hide behind your saber while holding attack, even when your own attack is still towards the end of the animation)
  4. Counter again (if the sabers make contact again and you held attack, you can start it all over again.)
The demos used in the video:
Intersections and coverage
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Re: Intercepting swings in 1.02 (some fun saber counters)

Post by Daggolin » 12 Sep 2015, 11:32

Looks interesting. :ugeek:

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Re: Intercepting swings in 1.02 (some fun saber counters)

Post by jozuf » 12 Sep 2015, 14:07

this fucking game :D

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Re: Intercepting swings in 1.02 (some fun saber counters)

Post by Kazuka » 12 Sep 2015, 17:56

Awesome tutorial!

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