Character modeling for Jedi Knight (with 3DS Max)

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Character modeling for Jedi Knight (with 3DS Max)

Post by Boothand » 11 Aug 2015, 18:55

For those curious on how to make 3D models and then walk around as them, here's an approach I have used and wrote about 1 year ago.

Read it here!

It requires 3DS Max to do the bone weights. Although that's not my favorite modeling software, Psyk0Sith made some things ready that makes it very simple to use for those time consuming difficult tasks. So, you can make the model, UVs and textures in your favorite modeling program (like Blender), then do the rigging in 3DS Max.

Be prepared, that this is not a tutorial on how to model in any program! But maybe it will help someone out, at least to some extent :geek:

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