Beginner tutorial - Installing Teamspeak 3

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Beginner tutorial - Installing Teamspeak 3

Post by ManiaC » 11 Aug 2015, 02:06

Neverdoor | Tutorial


Today I'm going to show you how to install Teamspeak 3 on your computer. This is a freeware
software where you're able to talk with other people via microphone.
In this tutorial Windows 7 - 64 bit (German) was used as operating system.

First of all you have to download Teamspeak 3. You are able to get it on different sources,
but I'll just link one of them and this is the offical site of Teamspeak 3. Please click on the link below.

Teamspeak 3 Downloadpage


After you have clicked on the link you will see this page which you can see on the picture. If you have a
64-bit operating system you have to click on the download button of Client 64-bit. Otherwise you choose Client 32-bit.
If you are not sure which operating system you have, choose Client 32-bit because the 32-bit version is working
also on 64-bit operating systems.

If you have downloaded the 32-bit you'll get this file which you see below:


If you downloaded the 64-bit version the name will be different.
Once you have downloaded one of the versions, execute it and the following window will appear:


Just press on button "weiter" (Next). After you have clicked it this window will appear:


You have to accept the license terms which are written on that window.
For that you have to press the button "Annehmen" (Accept). After you have done this you'll get
asked if you want to use that program just for the current user or for all users on your computer.
See next picture:


If you want to use Teamspeak 3 just with the user you're currently logged in choose the second option.
If you want to allow all user on you computer to use Teamspeak 3, select first option.
After you have made your choice click on "weiter" (Next).


On this window you have to choose a directory where you want to install Teamspeak 3. You can use
the default path or not, that's up to you. After you have made your choice click on "weiter" (Next).


Here you get asked where the configuration file will be stored. You can choose between the folder "Own Files" or the
installation folder. It's up to you again. After you have made your choice click on "weiter" (Next).


If the checkbox on this window is selected - deselect it and click on "weiter" (Next).


On that window you just have to click on "weiter" (Next).

After you have done all these steps the installation of Teamspeak 3 will start. If the installation was successful the
following window will appear:


Click on "Fertig stellen" (Finish) to finish installation. If you had the checkbox on the last window
selected Teamspeak 3 will start automatically. If not you have to start it on your own.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed Teamspeak 3 on your computer. If you find any mistakes here
please send me a message. If something was unclear, you're also allowed to get in touch with me. I hope I could help
you. If you have problems with using Teamspeak 3, you should take a look on the next tutorial which you'll find below.

(Link to setting up Teamspeak 3) <- Coming soon.

Orignal tutorial made by Kazuka | nD


ManiaC | nD

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