Beginner tutorial - cfg for binds

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Beginner tutorial - cfg for binds

Post by ManiaC » 11 Aug 2015, 01:58

Neverdoor | Tutorial


Today I'm going to show you how to make your own cfg for binds.

First we have to do a right click on our desktop to get a new text document.
Like this:


You have to choose "new" and then click on text dokument.

Now you will see a new dokument on your desktop.
Rename it to what you want and replace the .txt into a .cfg like this.


Ok, so far so good. Now we open the document.


And write something like this in it, the //// are there that JK2 dont trye's to read what is behind that.

Now you just need to write your bind in it that you like. I made a few examples like this.


So for example i would click the 9 on numpad, i would do a ingame screenshot.
But you don't need to use the numpad, you can use most of key's on your keyboard like this:

bind g "say Hello" or so.

If you finished with all the binds save the cfg.
After that you just need to copie this cfg into your base folder of JK2mv.


Ok, now you have to start the game and join a server you like. After that you have to open the console. Hold shift + (^ for germany)(~ for america)(| for other countries)...than you should see the console like this.


Now you just need to write that:
/exec [name_of_your_cfg].cfg
and all binds you wrote into the document should work now.



ManiaC | nD

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