Hi I got recruited today!

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Hi I got recruited today!

Post by SuperJoule » 25 Jun 2017, 02:50

I got recruited by Mythrok today!

Short story:
Played JK2 since release, did actually play dark forces 2 and dark forces 1 (barely) before that.
AM 27 years old.

Have skinned over 100 skins in JK2 before.
Have edited mods before, but have no idea how anymore as this was 10-12 years ago.

I was one of the better JK2 duelists during JK2 golden era.

Am Norwegian, want to have fun. And HURRAY FOR THIS GAME BEING STILL ACTIVE! :)

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Re: Hi I got recruited today!

Post by Boothand » 25 Jun 2017, 09:31

Welcome! We sure aren't many Norwegians around.

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Re: Hi I got recruited today!

Post by Ferox » 25 Jun 2017, 12:49

welcome back.

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Re: Hi I got recruited today!

Post by ouned » 27 Jun 2017, 13:50

hai :D

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Re: Hi I got recruited today!

Post by Daggolin » 27 Jun 2017, 17:45

Hello! :)

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Re: Hi I got recruited today!

Post by Tr!Force » 11 Jul 2017, 20:36

Nice to see another jk:df2 player! youre welcome :D
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